Water Torture Is the Only Way They Get Off

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Everyone has their little quirks and kinks but these women are definitely a little bit kinkier than others. They like to be tied up and tortured but it isn’t just about pain for them. They like the total loss of control that only comes with water torture. Water torture is not for the weak at heart. You have to be really enjoying it to get off on it and a good Master will know how to pick out his subs. Submissive water torture sluts can handle anything and I think that these girls definitely fit the bill.

Water torture involved a lot of the typical BDMS qualities. The women are often bound and gagged. They often undergo pain in order to get to the pleasure. They often put aside their own desires and needs in order to please their Master or Mistress. Thos are much the same as typical BDSM. But with water torture – well, lets just say that things get really good and wet and I’m not just talking about their pussies!

These women are really put through the wringer as they are placed in all sorts of postions. They are dunked in water until they can hardly hold their breath any longer and then they are dunked repeatedly. They are tied with their legs spread open and streams of water gushing directly at their clits. It becomes almost painful as they are forced into orgasm after orgasm. They can’t prevent it and it is completely out of their control.

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Redhead Gets Bound Underwater

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water bondage

It’s so abundant around that some tops forget that there is so much more you can do with water then just feet it to a spent little slut. It doesn’t take much to turn a faucet into a high-powered jet, and when that jet hits a slave’s clit you will shoot yourself because you missed so many opportunities for new types of play.

This hot little redhead said she was used to, and almost bored with the typical forms of bondage, and she wanted something a bit different. Well, she had no idea what she was in for when she agreed to my water bondage. She may have screamed at the feelings of the clothespins all over her skin, but nothing had her moaning like being tied spread eagle while water streams pounded her cunt. That was only the start though, she thought she was being rewarded with a nice dip in the water, but the straps made sure that even floating her body ached just so she could breathe!

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Girl gets Flogged, Dunked, Bound, Clamped, and Suspended

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water bondage
It isn’t toys that make a good top, it isn’t the amount of stuff you can have in your dungeon, it’s about putting together skill with what you have to make sure that the sluts you have at your disposal never forget how much you put them through when you are done. If they leave and immediately go on with their lives, what was the point, they need to be broken, they need to know that whenever they think of their time with you their bodies are going to shiver, and they are going to end up wet with just the thought.

When you bring water bondage into play, you know you are going to create a memorable experience for your sluts. This particular slave was used to being tied, beaten, and abused, but she never knew what a change it is when you just have a little bit of water on your skin and the cane, and the crop hit it. She didn’t last long on the spreaders, especially when we started beating her soaked tits and pussy, she soon begged to do something else. Well, we are nothing if not accommodating, so she got to experience the tank for the first time. Houdini may have been able to escape the water tank, but there was no way this slut was going to get loose. She struggled so well when she started going into the water, it was almost a shame when we pulled her out. She was a good slave though; she wanted to go back in the water almost as soon as she was recovered.

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Submissive Sisters Discover Bondage in Water

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water bondage
Some girls claim they have seen it all. They have nothing more to discover, they have been tied, beaten, fucked, and even subjected themselves into the hardest types of pain and submission that they think they are jaded with anything that may come along. There is an easy way to prove them wrong; when they see the water works that come in our dungeon, they often have no clue what to make of it.

These two sluts were positively stunned when they saw all the water bondage devices we stock in our dungeon, but by the time they were there it was too late for them to turn back. We didn’t want to just start with them getting doused though, what is the point in soaking a girl that isn’t at least a little wet. The ground locks were perfect for that, the ball gags kept their moaning to a tolerable level as their pussies were teased with the vibrators, and finally stuffed full with our bar toys, to make sure they couldn’t get away when the water was turned on.

It was quite a shock for them, and they came right there on the toys, especially when we turned the streams of water onto their sensitive clits. We weren’t done with them there though, we had many more toys for them to experience. They didn’t know what to make of the joint toy, but they soon got the idea when we tied them together so they had to rub their pussies and tits against each other because of the rope. All of that was just the warm-up though, before we tossed them in the tank. They weren’t allowed to get out until they used each other, and every toy in the tank to get off. These two were up to the challenge, and they couldn’t wait for another try at all our water tools by the time they finally were exhausted from all their orgasms.

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Big breasted brunette honey hates water bondage

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The fact that a girl reaches an intense orgasm in the end doesn’t even mean that she liked sex in the first place… That is the case with this brunette darling with huge boobs. She has just experienced water bondage for the first time, and even though she thought that she is going to like it, cold water didn’t feel that great after all. Her nipples got her and she came three of four times and her master loved the way she was screaming all the time and begging him to stop torturing her.

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