My first water bondage in a box

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I have to admit that I kinda felt like a magician who is trying to escape a big box of glass filled with water, but it was just a part of the water bondage sex… My new Asian master wanted to test my strength and he told me that I can scream as loud as I can, he is not going to stop filling the box with cold water. It was winter plus the water was cold. It was really hard for me, but at the same time, I liked like more than anything.

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Maya deserves to be punished with cold water

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Since her boyfriend has find out that Maya has been cheating on him with many guys, he decided to make her suffer a little bit, and after thinking about the method of punishment, he realized that it would be a good idea to see her handling water bondage. He has seen it only in porn movies, and now he is going to torture his lovely cheating girlfriend. This dude took her to the abandoned warehouse, tied her up and started using the good old water bondage tricks to make her learn her lesson.

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I love water bondage and machine sex so much

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I can’t think of a day without reaching a strong orgasm and that is why this time I am going to spread my legs while lying on the floor. A long dildo which is a part of the fucking machine is entering my tunnel of love, and that is only one part of the water bondage. The main thing is cold water which is teasing my pink jelly bean like never before, and I know that it is only a matter of time when I am going to sail the river of pleasure.

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Machine sex and water bondage combined is the best

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I have been a BDSM master for quite some time but I have never seen a babe as kinky as Chloe. She is always ready to try something new and this time I had to use both water bondage treatment and a long dildo attached to a machine. This blonde slutty babe was tied up and there was nothing she could do except to scream and hope that she is going to cum really fast. That was her only goal, and in the end she managed to cum three times…

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Tortured, Dunked, Hooked, and Water Bondage

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water bondage video

As much as many tops want to, they just don’t have the facilities to push a little painslut to extremes, or try out all the ways they could want to put them through their paces. It’s those situations where we excel, we have all the facilities to do the things that most can’t, so we get the most extreme painsluts and sex slaves begging for their chance with us. It is especially hot when we can bring our water facilities to play, because so few get to experience what it feels like when they have a high intensity jet of water pounding their bodies all over.

This amazingly flexible brunette bottom got to star in her own water bondage video when she told us she wanted to try something completely new, and more extreme than anything she had done before. Extreme is something we excel at, and she had no idea what she really was into until we had her tied over a bench and filled with a fake cock, all while we sprayed her down with firehose strong water streams. She was more than willing to push things though, she almost came when we suspended her over our balustrade and pounded her cunt with another water stream. She did go over the edge when we got her in the tank, she was so over amped that even just a little bit of play in the water tank was more then she could take.

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